InstalTest 3017 Overview

The InstalTest 3017 is a logging tester with Pass/Fail limits preset to AS/NZS3017 and stores test results for printing installation verification and compliance test reports.

Instaltest 3017

The InstalTest 3017

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 The InstalTest 3017 combines the functions of:

  • Multifunction Instrument
  • Installation Tester - Single Measurement Functions
  • Installation Tester - Auto-Sequence Tests
  • Compliance Reporting and Management System

The InstalTest 3017 can be used for general electrical and troubleshooting work, as well as for installation testing, compliance testing prior to energising and storing test results for printing compliance reports. For a detailed brochure on the InstalTest 3017, click: InstalTest Brochure

Multifunction Instrument:
A wide range of measurements to make electrical work faster, easier and reduce the number of instruments you need to carry around.

  • Voltage and Frequency Meter
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Fault Loop Impedance Tester
  • RCD Tester
  • Phase Rotation Indicator
  • Earth Resistance Meter (Optional Kit)
  • Cable Locator & Circuit Tracer (Optional Kit)

Installation Tester - Single Measurement Functions:
Measurements and tests with fixed parameters and limits set to AS/NZS3017 and Pass/Fail indication. Also user defined limits for troubleshooting and general electrical work.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Resistance to earth connection & equipotential bonding
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity
  • Correct Circuit Connections
  • Fault Loop Impedance
  • RCD Test

Installation Tester - Auto-Sequence Tests:
For fast testing and certifying of completed work to AS/NZS3000 Wiring Rules prior to energising the installation.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Main Earth & Insulation Resistance of Complete Installation
  • Metallic Switchboard Enclosure
  • Aerial Conductor
  • Equipotential Bonding Conductors
  • Lighting Point - Full
  • Socket Outlet - Rapid
  • Socket Outlet - Full
  • Fixed Appliances

Compliance Reporting and Management System
For meeting obligations to customers and employees. Test results guarantee evidence of testing. PC based records can be easily be stored and recalled for required statutory period.

  • Conduct the test, press the MEMory button to save the result and assign the result to a location, e.g. DB1/CB1 or 1st Floor/Room 5. 
  • Download results to PC software and print-out compliance test reports with actual test results.
  • Test reports available in Concise format (Pass/Fail) or Detailed format (Pass/Fail and actual readings)
  • Include Operator name, Test Site name, instrument and serial number,date and time of tests.
  • Complete solution for installation and electrical work compliance management

For more information, click Compliance Reporting

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MI-TPI 3 Phase Installation Testing Accessory

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Verify 3 phase installations from the socket outlet, without the need for probing. Use with InstalTest COMBO or IT3017.

The MI-TPI makes 3 phase installation verification safer, faster and more reliable that traditional methods requiring probing of the 3 phase socket outlet.

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