The InstalTest XC/XD store results, download to PC software for printing Safety & Compliance Test Reports with user operator name, test site, switchboard, distribution board, circuit breaker and items locations, test date, test time and test results.

This provides users with a complete installation compliance management system, allowing contractors to provide a professional report of test results to the installation owner/occupier and maintain PC based records for required statutory period.

For sample test reports generated by the ES Manager software, click: Sample Reports

Site Schematic or Tree-Structure

The Site Schematic or Tree-Structure is a unique aspect of the InstalTest's test result reporting system.

The hierarchy starts with site name and address and then you save your results according to DB, CB etc. The site schematic can be entered into the InstalTest on-site or prepared on the ES Manager software and uploaded into the instrument Installation structures can also be cloned to speed up your preparation for test result recording.


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